Accredited Level 3 Diplomas

Equivalent to Level 3 within the National Qualifications framework, Accredited Level 3 Diploma courses are accredited by  CIE Global  and often serve as introductory courses for distance learning. Level 3 courses are delivered via distance learning, conducted completely online and examined by online examination or coursework, depending on your chosen course title.

These distance learning courses offer you access to unlimited tutor support. Level 3 courses are designed for informative learning with development to either Level 3 or Level 4. The Level 1 course certificate is awarded on successful completion of the exam or coursework elements; you will be awarded a certificate by the college, course provider or awarding body depending on the course title. We recommend that learners check if a course at Level 3 in their subject area is available, as most students over 17 will be eligible for study at Level 3.



Why us?

  • Huge range of courses

  • Short completion periods

  • Study at home

  • Fit your study around other commitments

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