A Levels for International Students

Our range of A Level courses offer full tutor support via email. Our professional tutors are course specific and are aware of the material that is crucial for the student to absorb, for successful completion of A Level examinations through the governing boards of the AQA, and Edexcel wherever your location worldwide.

The process for international students to complete A Level examinations for credit in the United Kingdom with Oxford Learning, is through the regulations and standards of the Edexcel board of qualifications. Edexcel offer these high standards through their ‘Edexcel International’ service which is split into five world regions. These regions are:

  • Europe and the Americas – contact the London office
  • South Asia and Africa – contact the Delhi, India office
  • Middle East – contact the Muscat, Oman office
  • ASEAN – contact the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia office
  • China and North Asia – contact the Hong Kong office

These monitored examination standards are offered through Edexcel to students in over one hundred countries throughout the world and have headquarters in London, England.

The Edexcel standard is the only United Kingdom standard offered internationally by Oxford Learning, and if a student is interested in qualifying through this board, they have the ability to gather information on the particulars of this body’s regulations by contacting their regional office, or through the website address:


If you are interested in studying internationally for your A Levels, please contact a student advisor via telephone or e-mail to check if the subject(s) of your choice are available for you to study with Oxford Learning overseas.

All our Diploma courses are also available to students internationally.