Meet Our Students

Nomin Galsandorj – Level 3 Nutritional Therapy

I am studying Nutritional Therapy Level 3 Diploma in Oxford College from Mongolia. This is my first time studying by distance learning. I found Oxford College by searching websites on Google.  I am interested in the fields of health and well-being especially nutrition. I chose Oxford College because after finishing the course, I can be a professional nutritional therapist and set up my own health business.  This course is interesting, fascinating and enjoyable. I like the fact that I can study from the comfort of my own home and the college has prestigious accreditations. The module is excellent and very informative.

I am studying bachelor degree of commerce majored in hospitality at Raffles International Institute full time in Mongolia and this is my first year. Distance learning is flexible studying method and I manage my distance learning studies by reading my lessons on weekends or whenever I have a free time. Distance learning is a new thing in Mongolia and I am proud and happy that I am perhaps the first Mongolian to study a course by distance learning.

I am also studying Pilates by distance learning in the British School of Yoga. I am combining nutritional therapy and Pilates to fit and healthy. These subjects are related well to each other. Nutritional Therapy is a practical subject and I am making positive changes to not only my diet, but also my family’s diet. Now we altogether consume the right kinds of food by doing the activities mentioned in the lessons.

Motivation is important when learning especially by distance learning. My mother is interested in my course. Sometimes we talk together about what I have learnt and that motivates me. I made a right choice by choosing Oxford College. After finishing my nutritional therapy, Pilates course and my bachelor of commerce degree, I intend to study BTEC HND In Health, Diet and Nutritional Studies. I am planning to run a business related to health and well-being in the future.

Also my English is improving and I am learning professional medical words from my course. My sisters are also interested in the distance learning courses of Oxford College and I tell them to study level 3 health courses. The courses are beneficial to our daily lives. Distance learning is exciting and it has many benefits. Even when I run my health business, I will continue my studies with Oxford College.

Carly Vincent – Level 3 Canine Studies

Close your eyes for a minute. Take yourself back to being in school – the smells, sights and sounds that made up such a large part of our childhoods. Laughter echoing down the hallways, the smell of baked beans wafting out of the canteen, the throngs of children in the playground. Of course we all had very different experiences but I bet we share one memory – that there was very little to really worry about compared to our adult lives. No real responsibility, no bills to pay, no diary to manage. The biggest hassle was probably the dreaded homework. Instead of going out to play with friends after school or catching up with the latest episode of Neighbours or Home & Away, you would first have to sit at the kitchen table and complete endless maths questions, essays or textbook quizzes. It was so boring! Even in school it was difficult to concentrate on algebra or the periodic table when all you wanted to do was go out and explore the world. It all seemed the wrong way round back then and I’m sure like most people, I wish I had tried harder – worked harder for better grades. But I was a daydreamer. I just wanted to play with our dogs all day, teach them tricks and take care of them. I wanted to be down at the stables, mucking out and grooming horses. I wanted to jump on the next plane out to Africa, Asia, the Antarctic – anywhere exciting to see the wildlife. I was mad about animals and just couldn’t join the dots at that age, thinking that school was just a waste of time – not seeing how important learning was to life.

Fast forward 12 years and I am at this very moment at another kitchen table. My textbook has been replaced with a computer. My uniform replaced with smart work clothes. My boring homework replaced with my Oxford College distance learning course. Instead of dreading getting home and starting more work, I can’t wait – its a subject I love and look forward to working on. If I thought things were topsy turvy back then, what are they like now?! As an adult, I have all the responsibility of one – bills, a career, relationships – it’s life. But what was a chore as a child is now a pleasure as an adult. My desire to learn has only grown stronger with age and distance learning is the most incredible way of not only nurturing, but fueling that desire.

Sure, it can be difficult to fit everything in. It requires willpower and dedication and at first I think I had forgotten how to study! It sounds crazy but we’re all so used to using computers and the internet for everything – our minds are going at a million miles an hour and it’s tricky to focus. My hand even felt strange holding a pen and writing for so long as I’m so used to typing. Over time I got used to it and I realised I was improving myself in more ways than one. I have to admit there are some weeks when I know I’ll only get a couple of hours done and my mind will be distracted. I’ll have had a challenging day at work or have some personal issue that’s heavy on my mind… but then I let myself be absorbed by what I am reading, my pen travels swiftly across the page as I make notes and I’m suddenly distracted in a different way. I google a term I’m not familiar with, look it up and relate it to my notes, making my own version of the text and suddenly it all makes sense. I finish an assessment, knowing I’ve tried my best and worked hard to put the information in my own words. I complete another module, happy that I’ve made good progress. As well as the knowledge gained from distance learning, there is also a tremendous sense of satisfaction and it is an amazing confidence booster. I find myself drawing on my new found knowledge when in conversation with my friends – they’ll say ‘how do you know that?’ and I’m proud to say I’m a distance learning student. I feel myself growing as a person and that is my motivation. I am about to complete a Canine Studies Diploma and it has inspired me to pursue a career with dogs, something I’d dreamed about in school all those years ago. Following my dream is without a doubt the result of my experience with Oxford College.

They say youth is wasted on the young. I’d have to add to this and say that learning is wasted on the young. As I grow older, I want to learn more than ever and I almost wish I could go back in time, back to school, so that I could appreciate everything I was being taught. Luckily we live in a time where time travel isn’t needed – we can learn in our own time, at our own pace thanks to distance learning. Learning that isn’t wasted on anyone – learning that is for everyone.

Loraine Robertson – Level 3 Feline Studies

I am a Reiki Therapist and working mother of a disabled child and I decided a few months ago to embark on a new career.  I am in my forties, which although it is in no way old, it does mean that due to many commitments my free-time is limited and does not always fit into a regular pattern. However, I can study online in small sporadic periods which suit me well.  I also make sure that I study for at least a short time over six days and then I always have a day off.  The key for me is to be focused yet flexible.  I do have a time scale that I want to work towards, but equally I am kind to myself if for some reason if one day it doesn’t quite work out how I had planned!

The student support is excellent, from the customer service side to the tutor side of it.  The student forum also ensures that I never feel isolated.  This positive support has in turn, been a real confidence builder for me.

My best piece of advice is to put in the effort and reap the rewards -because it is possible to change your life for the better! My motivation for the course comes from different areas.  As I learn I want to learn even more and I embrace being challenged to do better and therefore develop as an individual. When you have knowledge, confidence and a determined approach to whatever you do, I definitely believe that you are in a better position to help yourself and then make a positive contribution to society in general.  Please believe that you really can have influence over your own future!

Deborah Leo Dip. C.A – Child & Adolescent Counselling

I enjoyed the depth of the material, especially the information about different approaches used in child & adolescent counselling. This benefitted me in my role as an Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties Teacher. I made frequent contact with the college through email, which were answered extremely quickly and were most helpful. I would recommend distance learning with you to anyone.

Diana Walker Dip N.T – Nutritional Therapy Student

Diana Walker

I started studying the Diploma in Nutritional Therapy in November. I am a secondary teacher and have been teaching for 30 years. I have always been interested in nutrition and healthy eating and this seemed to be an ideal course for me .I am at the stage of my life when I feel I need a complete change.

I must say I have enjoyed the course so far and have found it so interesting. I think the hardest part about it is getting motivated to start work in the evening after a day’s work but as soon as I start researching the questions all the stresses and strains of the day disappear and I find myself totally involved in the information.

I am planning to work for a personal training company and advise clients on their nutrition. After completing this course I am also planning to take it further to degree level.

I think that learning is a lifelong experience and that there is always something new to learn

Virginia Penfold Dip L.C – Life Coaching Student

Virginia Penfold

I have recently completed my Diploma in Life Coaching with Oxford College and I have to say I could not be happier.

Having not studied for a number of years, and having work and family commitments, I was understandably apprehensive. My Diploma course arrived complete with everything I required to start immediately. Being able to e-mail modules made it so easy, no time was wasted on postage etc, waiting for results and the following modules. Studying was done at my own pace, but I found I could not put it down, as I found it so exciting and interesting. My tutor was excellent! He would mark my work within 24 hours and e-mail my result along with any feedback. This I found motivational and spurred me on to complete the course much sooner than I might have done. Three days after receiving my diploma I enrolled on my next course.

I am very impressed with Oxford College, and myself. The uncomplicated approach to the course and learning has enabled me to further my dream of becoming self-employed, and I am very pleased to say I have set myself up as a Life Coach. After years of being overweight and now losing it all, feeling great and completing my course, my aim is to help others achieve their dreams and true potential.

I would strongly recommend Oxford College to anyone and everyone. If I can do it, you can too.

Virginia Penfold
Life Coach
Business name – InnovEat, Chard, Somerset
Telephone: 07969 811953
My new website is currently under construction

James Simon, Dip L.C – Life Coaching Student

James Simon

Earlier this year I decided to move my career forward and train to become a life coach. After investigating many courses I found that Oxford Distance Learning offered a flexible programme which fitted into my working life.

The service I received from enrolling through to becoming qualified was superb. My learning materials were delivered within days and I was able to work through the life coaching course at my own pace.

My tutor was on hand when I needed him and responded quickly to my questions and when marking my assignments. His feedback was useful and constructive and allowed me to progress throughout the course. Since qualifying as a life coach I have launched a new internet based personal development company which includes life coaching alongside other personal development activities.

The course has helped me develop both personally and professionally and I would highly recommend anyone considering a career within Life Coaching to use the services offered through Oxford Distance Learning.

Liz Ainsworth, Dip C – Counselling Student

Liz Ainsworth

I had been working in an office environment since leaving school, and really wanted a new challenge and a new direction in my career. I had to keep working so home study was my only feasible option.

Upon completion of my Diploma in Counselling course, I have progressively built up a clientele which I counsel on a part time basis. I am now looking to expand my practice so that I am counselling full time – and leaving the office behind!

The whole learning experience has been exceptional, and the support I received from my tutor was fantastic. I would certainly recommend the counselling course to anyone who had an interest in helping those around them, or who were looking for a new direction in life

Edward Drayton, Dip.H – Herbal Medicine Student

Edward Drayton

After no real formal education, and plenty of time on my hands when I retired to Spain in 2002, a friend of mine suggested that I should take up studies in a subject I was interested in, which was always alternative medicine (having been plagued by arthritis). I thought my friend had gone mad, ‘studying for qualifications at 71!’.

I did however enrol and the experience has been incredibly rewarding for me, and is something that I and my family are very proud of. My Diploma certificate sits very proudly on my living room wall! My tutor, Janet, was a great help to me and was terribly patient with the many questions I kept bombarding at her.

It goes to show that whatever age you are learning new skills and having new information can keep the grey cells active!

Andrew Stevens, Dip L.C – Life Coaching Student

Andrew Stevens

I have been working as a personal trainer for five years and felt that when trying to motivate my clients, there were many other issues that they were trying to deal with – not just fitness.

After a huge amount of research via the net and recommendation from fellow trainers, I enrolled on the Life Coaching course. I have found that the huge amount of skills that I have learnt from the course have benefited my clients and opened up a huge client network for me to coach. I have to say that fitness training is only a small part of my weekly job as I concentrate more on my Life Coaching clients, thier reasons for seeking a coach is as wide and varied as you could possibly imagine.

The college has opened many doors for me with this course, for which I thank both my tutor and the team of student advisors.