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Five Videos to Get You Motivated for Anything

Five videos to get you motivated for anything!

We all need a little boost sometimes. It’s easy to get demotivated when things aren’t going your way and you’re feeling down. We’re here to help! These five videos will get you motivated and back on track in no time. … Read More

How to Approach Self Improvement

Big Idea to Self Improvement

Ever wondered how some people seem to be going in exactly the right direction with very little effort? Chances are, they’ve sat down and considered what they need to improve in their lives. Then they’ve probably created a plan to … Read More

How to Become a Personal Trainer


Are you one those dynamic types, who like getting out, meeting people, and working in different locations? Do you get a real kick out of helping people achieve their goals? Is health and wellbeing something you feel passionate about? Then … Read More

The Top Four Types of Life Coaching

Helping young people

So you’re considering a career in life coaching? Maybe it’s something you’ve had your sights set on for some time. Or perhaps you want to find out whether it’s right for you. Either way, it’s a great way to help … Read More

The Four Different Learning Styles

different learning styles

Not everyone learns in the same way. It’s important to recognise there are different styles to learning and identify your learning style. Why? Quite simply, you’ll learn more if you study in a way that suits you. Here is our … Read More

How to Become a Marine Biologist

Scuba Diving Marine Biology Research

Over two thirds of the earth is covered by water, and our oceans hold almost 97% of this. The habitats in these oceans are varied, ranging from tropical to Polar Regions, from vast coral reefs to deep ocean trenches. As … Read More

A Guide to Plagiarism – What Is It & How Can You Avoid It?

Plagiarism ' the same speech?

Melania Trump and Michelle Obama’s speeches in 2016 from CNN Mariana Trump – wife of US politician Donald Trump – hit the headlines recently after her speech supporting his election as leader of the Republican Party. Unfortunately for her, it … Read More

Things To Do During the Summer before University

Lake and daisies, summer

All exams and coursework are a distant memory, it’s July and there are 2 months left of summer before university begins. The question is how to fill this important life stage? Two months of practice, play, rest, travel or work? … Read More

How to Get a Job in PR

International Newspapers

When you think of PR, you might have thoughts of Samantha from Sex & the City. Her job in the TV series was in public relations but had you thought about what that actually meant? It looked great. She seemed … Read More

Best Sites to Land A Job Abroad

Working abroad

Need a break from the rat-race? Working abroad has become an ever-growing allure in recent years, particularly for professionals who are burnt out, gap year students or those who may have just finished their studies. The thought of moving to … Read More