“My Journey with Online Learning” – Article by Vanessa, Student Advisor


After undertaking my A-Level courses at Boarding School, I was fully aware of the importance of obtaining qualifications. After successfully getting into University, I realised that I did not want to go to a Conventional University anymore, but instead wanted to undertake my degree online.  This is when, I came across the Open University. Here, I conversed with my loved ones about the reasons as to why I wanted to achieve a BA (Hons) online in which I received their full support.

One of the highlights about the 21st Century is that technology has enabled people all over the world, to achieve their aspirations. All by the means of a Computer and let’s not forget, a good internet connection!

This idea is segmented from when I undertook an online course via Oxford Learning College. Here, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience whereby I received full tutor support and also received excellent customer service from the student advisors.

More so, I learnt a lot when undertaking a BA (Hons) Leadership and Management degree through the Open University. I experienced many highs and lows as for half of the degree I was working full- time. The monthly deadlines, the extra reading, the preparation, and studying on the weekends! However, I persevered, worked hard and now I’m sat at my work desk with my graduation photo in front of me.

Not long ago, I had my graduation and it was the most rewarding day of my life. Walking on stage to collect my award and seeing my family cheer me on with their beaming faces was priceless. Upon reflection, doing a course online means that you can have your loved ones near you, your home comforts, flexibility, and also have time to work full- time. At the end of the day, nobody can ever take your qualifications away from you.

Lastly, but most importantly, be bold, be fearless, be ruthless, never doubt yourself, know your worth and never forget to pat yourself on the back when making small steps! Go for it! We all deserve great things in life.