Choose From Our Long Distance Education Programmes

It is easy to feel detached from learning once you leave school or college. You may feel like there is gap that you need to plug. That’s completely natural and shows that your teachers, parents and education have pushed you in the right direction. Next stop: choosing your course.

At Oxford Learning College we help international and UK students to discover their true potential through our long-distance education programmes. The wide array of options and our easy-to-use platform will give you the best chance of excelling in the future.

What’s the best long-distance education programme for me?

Every individual is a little different and is working at different levels. Our online learning platform gives you the best chance to reach your potential.

If you have recently left school and wish to top up your GCSEs, Oxford Learning College is perfect. Are you searching to achieve an A-Level in something you are passionate about? Do you need more academic points to reach the university you want?

Our team at Oxford Learning College are able to offer you the best possible options. Take your pick from career pathways in business, writing, science, geography, history and much more.

No matter which direction you choose to go, our online platform at Oxford Learning College are perfectly placed to help you.

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