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You’re probably looking at this article on a laptop or your phone. Well, then you’re just a few clicks away from enrolling on your new Higher Education (HE) course online. At Oxford College Learning, we’re passionate about improving your career prospects and helping you realise your potential.

Higher Education is the term for the stage after A-Levels. If you’ve passed them in the past but took time out, or you have relevant international qualifications, we can help you find a higher education course that’s perfect for you.

Our online courses are ideal for anyone that’s looking to learn on the go, or wants to travel the world while studying. You can do this with our online Higher Education courses, with access to a tutor and our online learning portal, you’re in charge of your destiny.

The courses we provide are an eclectic collection that will give you a solid platform to better your career prospects and specialise. We believe that distance learning can be the catalyst for people to discover what they really want to learn without the pressures of parents and circumstance.

Browse our range of Higher Education courses that you can immediately enrol on and start paying in instalments. To find out more about our Higher Education courses, get in touch with us.