Discover Our Distance Learning Courses Towards Higher Education

Setting a target to attain in your future makes a big difference. It can provide you with the motivation and desire that you need to reach that goal in your own time.

Education is a place where many of these targets are set and higher education is often the ultimate goal for individuals. To give you the best chance of making it to this stage, our distance learning for higher education at Oxford Learning College could be perfect for you.

How can we bring you closer to higher education?

Whether you are searching for a route into university or you want to earn a diploma in higher education, you will need to find a course that leads you there.

The best way to reach university is through A-Levels. Our online learning platform is perfect for giving you the opportunity to learn from a distance without the pressure of college and structured timetables.

We offer a range of A-Level courses that can be bundled together in our array of course bundles. These are ideal for those looking to save time, develop their skills and move closer to higher education through distance learning.

At Oxford Learning College we can offer two types of A-Level courses in our fast track and standard distance learning higher education courses.

To get help and advice for your selection and the benefits our distance learning higher education courses could be for you, speak to us today.