Find Your Perfect Higher Education Programme Online

The levels of study in the United Kingdom guide you through progressively more difficult material, exams and coursework. After college, it can be difficult to know where to turn, but our higher education programmes online at Oxford Learning College could be the ideal catalyst for your career.

After completing your A-Levels, it will give you a Level 3 qualification. Progression to higher education through university takes you straight to degree level, which is Level 6. If you’re ready for this step up or not, our range of courses can let you choose when you study.

We have courses through Level 4 and 5 which will help you gain experience and knowledge of your chosen subject over two years. This will give you the basis to move onto a degree with or without honours. Our higher education programme online makes it so easy to remotely learn any subject that you want to.

Our distance learning courses at Oxford Learning College are solely based online, giving you absolute freedom with the tasks that are set for you. You will be supported throughout your journey by tutors and won’t be bound by timetables – you get to choose when you study.

To find out how our flexible distance learning courses can help you forge a path in your career, get in touch with us today.