Get A Long-Distance Course In Preparation For Your Degree

The step before university is often the hardest for every student. There’s one more leap of faith and a heap more studying to do before you can get enough UCAS points to do the course you’d like to. We understand that not everyone has the availability, capability or motivation to enrol on a college course to get the A-Level results they need again; many want it without the need for attending lectures every day.

That’s why at Oxford Learning College we’re able to provide long-distance courses which will bring you closer to starting your degree. While we don’t offer long-distance degree courses – apart from our range of foundation degree courses (perfect for those who are close to getting enough points for university) – our range of A-Level and fast-track A-Level courses could be ideal.

Why should I choose a long-distance A-Level course from Oxford Learning College?

Every year many students take part in examinations across the country in establishments where they didn’t study. This makes them private candidates and it will only require them to turn up for the exams. This means that by choosing our long-distance courses, you’ll be able to study, learn, revise and develop as an individual wherever you want. Simply turn up to your exam, get your grades and start applying for the university degree course that you’ve always dreamed of.

To find out more about our long-distance courses, speak to our helpful team today.