Invest In Our Accredited Level 5 Diplomas

Earning enough experience and credits to reach the level needed for university can seem mountainous at the beginning. Your education and qualifications will be taken into account to ensure that you can successfully enrol on a university course. If you are searching for something different from the norm that allows you to work remotely while moving towards your end goal of university, choose Oxford Learning College.

We have a wide selection of accredited Level 5 Diplomas in many different subjects that will give you a qualification which is equivalent to a foundation degree course. From Health & Social Care and Business Studies through to Sports Science and Psychology Studies, we can help you achieve your potential.

How do our accredited Level 5 Diploma courses work?

After you have enrolled on one of our courses at Oxford Learning College you will gain access to the learning materials that you will need throughout the course. You will then have to complete the 16 units of study which take the form of assignments. There is no final exam for you to sit, so you can complete the work in your own time with less pressure than a usual education setting.

Choose from our range of Level 5 Diploma courses at Oxford Learning College to make sure that you gather a skill set for life. Get in contact to discuss your options.