Long-Distance Education Programme

We learn every day without really knowing. We take on board information from newspapers, online sources and from what we read. They may not be transferable to your career or your current goals, but they will cumulatively add up to something significant. When it comes to making a choice on your future, you’ll want to know that you have freedom and promise in the pipeline.

The educational decision that you’re looking to make is only a few steps away when you choose Oxford Learning College. Our professional team are waiting to give you the support and advice that you need before you undertake this exciting and scary venture into the unknown. Our long-distance education programmes are perfect for developing and improving your career path.

Independent learning from wherever you are in the world

All you need to enrol on our courses is an internet connection and to fill in your details. You’ll be able to select from our GCSE, A-Level, foundation degree courses and many more at Oxford Learning College. The aim of our service to ensure that whatever your circumstances are and no matter the obstacles in your way, you’ll be able to develop your learning and your career prospects.

Our team are on hand to guide you towards a long-distance education programme that’s right for you. To discover more about our courses and how you can get started today, speak to our team today.