Long Distance Education Programme

It is easy to see a barrier or obstacle in front of you as a sign you shouldn’t be doing something. However, to truly unlock your potential you will need to get past those challenges and navigate your way to the other side. Whether you live a long way from the UK, or you are moving away in the future, you may have considered your education. Our long-distance education programmes online are a great way to combine simplicity with productivity – giving you the best chance of improving your career prospects.

At Oxford Learning College we aim to become a leading host of online courses for those abroad, moving to another country or those that travel often. The freedom that our long-distance education programmes can offer you will provide several benefits and allow you to take advantage of your education wherever you are based.

How to choose the right long-distance education programme?

Our array of courses features every level of education from GCSE right through to foundation degree courses. Whether you are looking to boost your chances of getting into university or want to learn something new independently, our services are ideal for any scenario.

Have you found us online because you’re interested in undertaking a long-distance education programme? If so, then you have certainly arrived at the right place and welcome to the Oxford Learning College. Now more than ever, it couldn’t be easier for you to gain the qualifications you want or need, thanks to the flexibility that long-distance learning provides.

We have online courses available to suit all education levels, from GCSEs through to accredited Diplomas. We have detailed all the courses we have available on our website along with the costs. If you wish to proceed, then you can start working towards your qualifications from the comfort of your home. However, we are here to support you all the way and if you need any assistance with your course, then we are only a phone call or email away and one of our personal tutors will be able to help. We want you to succeed with your course whilst being able to fit it around any other commitments that you may have.

The ability to learn, adapt and be tutored from afar is something that our team at Oxford Learning College can do professionally with our vast range of courses for your every requirement.

Our spectrum of long-distance education programmes will allow you to springboard your learning and continue to improve every day. Whether you’ll be studying through the day or moulding it around work, our education programmes are accessible and easy to use wherever you are.

If you’re in a different country, have a full-time job or want to find a better way of studying, our long-distance education programmes could be ideal for you. You’ll find a bank of courses on our website that will allow you to select from almost every level of education there is. We provide iGCSEs, A-Levels, diplomas, foundation courses and more for our ever-growing pool of students across the world.

Our accredited courses can be accessed at any time online and you will be able to speak with tutors one-to-one where you can gain extra knowledge and understanding about the specific tasks set to you.

Working from home is one of normal life’s most enjoyable quirks. Hot lunches, that extra bit of sleep and the ability to work at your own pace. There is a way to make this the method of study wherever you are in the world with our long-distance learning programmes.

We have complied a vast range of online courses that will offer you progression from your current level, open more opportunities in the future and ensure that you can learn on the go, at home and in your spare time.

At Oxford Learning College, we can enrol you on whatever courses you want. Whether you’re looking to develop a bank of qualifications that will edge you closer to university and a degree or you want to build the foundations by taking part in an A-Level course, we’ve got everything you need on our online learning platform.

Our courses come with tutors that you can speak to when you need, all your online learning materials ready to be accessed when you’re ready and digestible tasks to prepare you for your exams or coursework. If you’re ready to create more opportunities in your career by enrolling on one of our courses at Oxford Learning College, we’re waiting to talk to you.

Take part in our long-distance learning programmes when you want to know more about employment law.

Working in the legal sector can be an incredibly rewarding career, but it does mean you must have the correct qualifications and training to get a job within the industry.

Whether you’re looking to improve your CV or take the first step towards working in employment law, we offer a range of accredited courses to help you take the next step.

Our courses include:

We also offer a range of other industry sector courses

These include:

  • Counselling
  • Health & Social Care
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting

All our courses are designed from leading experts within the relevant industry to make sure you are getting the best in educational material. Our tutors are also here to help whenever you need and are only an email away.

Branch out into something new with the help of our long-distance learning programmes

For lots of us, we have a thirst for knowledge that can never be tamed. Whether it’s constantly learning about a subject we’re passionate about or trying something totally new and out of our comfort zone. Whatever it is you’re looking to study, if you want the chance to study a long-distance learning programme, we’re here to help.

Our tutors are also here to help whenever you need and are only an email away, so you get our full support throughout your learning experience with us.

In any group of friends there will be a variety of differences. From the way you like your hair to the TV shows you enjoy watching, from the time you go to bed to the best way you learn. For the latter it can be difficult to find the ideal place where you enjoy studying and working productively each day. If you are looking for the missing piece in your learning puzzle, it could be with us at Oxford Learning College.

We have become a leading provider of long-distance learning programmes that are perfectly suited to helping people who love to work independently, those that want to supplement study with work and those moving to the UK in the future.

To ensure that our establishment continues to break down barriers and make it easier than ever for individuals to enrol on our courses, we offer many different learning programmes. From the bottom with our iGCSE courses through to foundation degree courses, we are on hand to guide you to the next step in your career and learning.

Our long-distance programmes can be accessed anywhere in the world with an internet connection and there will always be someone available to answer your questions via email.

To discover more about our work and why we are trusted across the world, speak with us today.

When looking for long-distance learning programmes, whether it’s A levels or Level 3 diplomas, look towards Oxford Learning College for the world’s leading distance education providers.

Our quality home study courses can easily fit around your current commitments, whether it’s family life or work.

With a huge range of long-distance courses on offer, you could be learning about anything from Botany to Canine Studies or Child and Adolescent Counselling. Many of our long-distance learning programmes are ideal for anybody looking to work their way towards a new career.

Distance learning requires students to be self-motivated, which we believe can help individuals to achieve higher grades, especially if you have a real passion for the subject.

We use innovative learning systems to help you get the most out of each course.

Discover more about our long-distance learning courses today.

In today’s modern world, it is important to stay ahead of the competition in the employment market. There is no doubt that experience is still highly valued by employers, however there are numerous jobs and career paths that are closed to those without the requisite qualifications.

If you would like to better yourself by undertaking a course but need flexibility to work around employment or family commitments, then look no further. Here at Oxford Learning College, we know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to learning and people want to learn at a time and in a manner that works for them.

Here at Oxford Learning College, we work hard to be known as one of the top long distance learning programmes providers. We start by speaking with our potential students about what they are looking to achieve and work together to decide the best course of action to achieve the desired qualification.

Signing up to one of our long-distance courses is simple. In the sign-up section you will be given the opportunity to tell us about your current qualifications (if any) and how you would like to develop your learning. We don’t just provide our students with opportunities to gain qualifications, we aim to also give our students a new level of confidence that they can take with them into the working world.