Long Distance Learning Programme

Working from home is one of normal life’s most enjoyable quirks. Hot lunches, that extra bit of sleep and the ability to work at your own pace. There is a way to make this the method of study where ever you are in the world with our long-distance learning programmes.

We have complied a vast range of online courses that will offer you progression from your current level, open up more opportunities in the future and ensure that you can learn on the go, at home and in your spare time.

At Oxford Learning College, we can enrol you on whatever courses you want. Whether you’re looking to develop a bank of qualifications that will edge you closer to university and a degree or you want to build the foundations by taking part in an A-Level course, we’ve got everything you need on our online learning platform.

Our courses come with tutors that you can speak to when you need, all your online learning materials ready to be accessed when you’re ready and digestible tasks to prepare you for your exams or coursework. If you’re ready to create more opportunities in your career by enrolling on one of our courses at Oxford Learning College, we’re waiting to talk to you.

To find out more about our courses, speak to us today.