Long Distance Learning Programmes

When looking for long-distance learning programmes, whether it’s A levels or Level 3 diplomas, look towards Oxford Learning College for the world’s leading distance education providers.

Our quality home study courses can easily fit around your current commitments, whether it’s family life or work.

With a huge range of long-distance courses on offer, you could be learning about anything from Botany to Canine Studies or Child and Adolescent Counselling. Many of our long-distance learning programmes are ideal for anybody looking to work their way towards a new career.

A flexible approach to education.

All our courses are long-distance programmes, which doesn’t mean we don’t offer exceptional support at every step of the journey. With every course, you will have a tutor who will regularly respond with feedback. However, since we do not set homework deadlines or issue timetables, our courses are much more flexible than college-based classes.

Distance learning requires students to be self-motivated, which we believe can help individuals to achieve higher grades, especially if you have a real passion for the subject.

We use innovative learning systems to help you get the most out of each course.

Discover more about our long-distance learning courses today.