Three Steps To Taking Advantage Of Our Tutor Support Online

In the haze of excitement that comes with selecting and enrolling on a new course, you may not realise the actual obstacles you may face. Fortunately, for our accredited diplomas, A-Levels and iGCSEs at Oxford Learning College, tutor support is available for you throughout your time with us.

Why choose us for tutor support online?

Once you have enrolled on a course through our dedicated online leaning platform you will have all the tasks and responsibilities laid out ahead of you. The next step is to get started. But what if you have a problem or need something explained to you in a different way?

Three simple steps to our tutor support online:

  1. Email your question: Whether you just want to iron out the requirements of a task or you want to ask about the upcoming assignment, you will have the chance to email your tutor and ask them.
  2. Get a response: Our tutors are available during ordinary office hours to respond to your query and will offer personal support to your specific needs. You will get the advice and guidance framed by each of our tutor’s experience in your specific area of study.
  3. Get back to studying: Once you are armed with the best advice for your situation, our tutor support online will allow you to study confidently.

Getting support through your online adventure will be sure to improve your experience with us at Oxford Learning College.

Enrol today on your chosen course to upgrade your career prospects.