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The bridge between school and university is often college. That in-between section that leaves students perhaps not wanting to go back to formal education but wanting to reach university at the end of it. That’s where our range of Level 3 Diploma courses at Oxford Learning College can be the ideal addition to your CV.

Our online education programmes simply require an internet connection to gain access to the materials, all that remains is freedom. Study when you want, learn when you learn best and reach your goals without the need for commuting, structured lessons and the pressure that comes with both. Our Level 3 Diplomas could be ideal for you and we have a vast array of courses for you to choose from online.

What courses can I select from at Oxford Learning College?

Our online education programmes for those leaving school or coming back to studying is vast. We have two types of Level 3 Diplomas: accredited and professional. These differ as the accredited will come with 120 Academic credits while the professional will allow you to receive either a Pass, Merit or Distinction over the course of the year-long programme.

There are plenty of reasons why our online education programme could the ideal pathway from your school results to starting a university course. To discover more about the specific courses we have available, get in contact today.