Why Try Our Long-Distance Learning Programme Bundles

Making a CV look great from the first glance is an eternal struggle and the same goes for flicking through your university application. Have you got the skills an employer wants or a university will accept? A great way to boost your CV, confidence and help to bring you closer to the future you want is through our long-distance learning programmes.

At Oxford Learning College we have course bundles that can be used to earn nationally-recognised qualifications over a short period of time. You can take home the points, qualifications and experience that comes from completing two courses in one go.

What course bundles are available at Oxford Learning College?

We have two distinct long-distance learning programmes in our course bundle sections that are ideal for those looking to get into university or improve the qualifications on their CV. Check below for details:

  • A-Level bundle: To get in to some of the best, and most competitive, universities you need to stand out. Fortunately, we have carefully combined our bundles to give you the best chance of reaching your university goals and upgrading your CV for life.
  • Accredited Level 5 Diploma Bundle: These course bundles are designed to help support those looking to reach the standard of Level 5 Diploma who don’t yet reach the entry requirements.

To discover more about our work at Oxford Learning College, get in contact with us today.