Level 3 Diplomas

Both our AccordAI  and Quality Licence Scheme level 3 diploma courses are the same level as A Levels, however, unlike A levels, with level 3 diplomas, you are free to complete the course in as short a period as you wish. Meaning that if you need a Level 3 qualification in a hurry, you can get just that.

When you enrol on an Oxford Learning College level 3 diploma, you may choose which awarding body suits your lifestyle or needs the best. The awarding bodies AccordAI or Quality Licence Scheme both license or accredit courses differently. With the level 3 diploma online, you will be given access to all the materials needed to complete your studies, so you can start straight away. You will also have access to an expert tutor for guidance and a range of assessments to ensure your learning is on track.

Each course lasts for one year and you can work through the course at your own pace. The diplomas are assessed by either an online exam or through coursework, depending on which type of Diploma you select. You have the choice of either Professional Level 3 diplomas which are also licensed, or Accredited Level 3 diplomas.

Students who complete a Level 3 Diploma Course from either AccordAI or Quality Licence Scheme will earn a qualification that gives them eligibility to enrol directly onto the Level 5 Diploma courses.

What is the Difference Between Professional Level 3 Diplomas and Accredited Level 3 Diplomas?

To find out the main differences between the two types of Diplomas, visit our helpful article here.

The awarding bodies for our Level 3 Diplomas are:

Accord : https://accord.ac/ 

Quality Licence Scheme: https://qualitylicencescheme.co.uk/

You can find a full list of our Level 3 Diplomas here: https://www.oxfordcollege.ac/courses/level-3-diploma-courses-online/