Meet the Team in 2023!

At Oxford Learning College, we are committed to providing you the best possible service. For this, as well as your professional tutor who works with you on your professional academic studies, there is a larger team to make sure your overall learning studies’ needs are supported. We always strive to maintain the highest standard of service you should expect and adhere to Awarding Bodies requirements.

The Student Services Team 

The Student Services team are here to help you with any enquiries (other than academic questions) that you may have. You may chat to us via the Chat link at the bottom of the front page of the site, by clicking on the ‘contact us’ button and letting us call you back, or by emailing You can also call us on +44 (0)1865 595263. We aim to get back to students within the hour during regular UK business hours.  If you are a student with us already, you can reach us by “Ask A Question”/”Ask Student Services” on your profile.


Of course, without you, the rest of the team won’t have much to do! We do rely on you to take responsibility for your learning, follow guidance and instructions in materials and from your tutor. The most important thing is for you to succeed, enjoy your experience, and to see this learning as an aspect of your life-long development.

Your Tutor

All our tutors are professionally qualified at a level higher than the programme you are studying. They all have experience in teaching on-line and many have been with us for some time. Many of our tutors write the materials or in other cases we have external professional writers that also write for many of the Colleges or Universities in the UK. Your tutor will answer any question you ask via the “Ask a Question” on your profile. Make sure you click “Tutor messages”.

Of course, a tutor can’t do the work for you; they will advise using their expertise and knowledge of the subject as well as knowledge of the Awarding Body requirements. If you have any queries with the content of materials, please do inform your tutor who will take the appropriate action.

Your tutor will also mark your work, providing constructive feedback on your work.

Quality Assurance team

You will become familiar with the word “Verifier” if you are on one of our Accredited programmes. Their role is to ensure our tutors are consistent with the advice and grading provided to students as well as assisting the College to remain up to date with Awarding Bodies’ continual changes.