2 Best Health and Safety Level 3 Diplomas

Healthy and safety considerations in the workplace have always been important. But they’re now receiving even more attention thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. We offer several health and safety diploma courses that can enable students to pursue more advanced education in the field:


Accredited Level 3 Health + Safety Law Diploma

This health and safety diploma examines the field from a legal and regulatory perspective. Students learn how health and safety obligations are shaped by the current legal framework. This level 3 diploma focuses on the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, as it’s the most pertinent legislation.  


Beginning with an introduction to the basics of the UK legal system, students study the different elements of health and safety law and the concept of liability as it relates to consumers and employees.  


Moving from theoretical to practical, the course ultimately connects the legal and regulatory provisions to the implications they hold for a professional in the field.  


Accredited Level 3 Infection Control Diploma

Prevention is a major component of infection control. Having robust sanitisation and disinfection protocols is necessary for sectors with a higher risk of transmission and infection. This level 3 diploma familiarises students with the various components of an efficient infection control system.  


Students take a multi-faceted approach to studying infection control in this diploma. They study the historical, anatomical, and physiological aspects of infection control—as well as proper risk assessment and the relevant legislation.  


The course culminates with a study of appropriate sample collection and transportation and biological waste disposal techniques.  


Choose Health and Safety Diploma Courses from Oxford Learning College

Here are a few reasons why our health and safety diploma courses are the right choice:  


1. Rolling Programmes

Our courses are designed to be rolling programmes, so you can conveniently join at any time of the year.  

2. Continuous Assessment

Your understanding of the course material will be tested with continuous assessments instead of formal exit examinations.  


3. Easy Duration

Our health and safety diploma courses have a duration of one year. Start today and you could be about to enrol in a more advanced programme this time next year.  


4. Affordability

Students can benefit from our courses regardless of their financial background. We offer single payment options and interest-free instalment plans to help you manage your finances with your education.  


5. Study on Your Own Time

The flexibility of our courses lets you study on your own time. You can build your own study schedule keeping in mind your personal, professional, or family commitments.  


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