3 Level 3 Diplomas to Improve Your Legal Skills

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Our accredited Level 3 diplomas are great for students aspiring to start a career in law. Each course focuses on a different aspect of the legal profession. This allows students to gain knowledge in the area they’re interested in. Here’s a closer look at some of our accredited diplomas online:  

Accredited Level 3 Employment Law Diploma

This Level 3 Employment Law Diploma aims to educate students on employment law with regards to individual employees and groups of employees. It discusses how the law regulates an employee’s relationship with their employer.   Study of the employment law in the United Kingdom and its enforcement is under the purview of this diploma. The course material is divided into ten modules and includes the theoretical and practical applications of the law.   Special attention is given to topics such as contract law, remuneration, discrimination, and health and safety in the workplace.  

Accredited Level 3 Legal Secretary Skills Diploma

A law firm needs to have capable administrative and secretarial staff if it’s to function smoothly.  The administrative expertise of a legal secretary allows lawyers to focus on the task at hand and makes their work easier.   Our Level 3 Legal Secretary Skills Diploma enables a student to start working as a legal secretary. It consists of ten modules that impart both general and specialist knowledge. Using a fictional law firm, students are taught about the role that a legal secretary plays in different scenarios.   Different types of law — such as wills and probate, family law, civil and criminal litigation — come under scrutiny. Students also develop an understanding of the legal office and its procedures.  

Accredited Level 3 Paralegal Conveyancing Diploma

Our Level 3 Paralegal Conveyancing Diploma is designed to give students an overview of the UK’s land law and its principles. Land ownership and its related rights and obligations are studied in the diploma. Students are also taught the various ways land rights can be acquired.   This accredited Level 3 diploma begins by describing the evolution of law and its sources, from the Norman Conquest to the modern-day parliament. It then explores the topics of easements, covenants, and conveyancing itself. In later modules, the course examines mortgages, preparations that must be made for the sale or purchase of land, and the legal requirements that must be met once a sale or purchase has been completed.  
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