3 Management Diplomas for Budding Managers

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Employees with strong management abilities continue to be in demand irrespective of the size or scope of a business. Recruitment policies stress the importance of hiring employees with leadership and management potential. Our Level 3 diplomas in management are designed to cultivate management skills in students.

We’re taking a closer look at some of them:

Accredited Level 3 Change Management Diploma

The dynamic business environments of today evolve at a rapid pace. This creates a need for managers who can confidently navigate change and provide reassuring leadership to their team when needed.  

This accredited Level 3 diploma focuses on studying change from a variety of perspectives. Similar to the way a good manager is supposed to take different factors into account, this course considers how change affects compliance, quality, audit, and ethics.  

The course consists of ten units, each building on the knowledge provided by the preceding one.

Accredited Level 3 Compliance Management Diploma

Businesses today need to be compliant with an increasing number of regulations and rules. This is why compliance management has become a distinct field requiring specialist knowledge and skills.  

This accredited Level 3 diploma online helps prepare students for the role of a compliance manager and studies the structure, processes, and environment relevant to compliance. Along with studying compliance from a strictly managerial point of view, later modules of the course also explore compliance as it relates to audit, quality, and ethics.  

This diploma course has a duration of a year and can be started at any time. Successful completion can lead students to a Level 4 qualification.

Accredited Level 3 Management Diploma

Good management is necessary for eliciting the best performance from employees, and the accredited Level 3 management diploma aims to increase a student’s people skills in the context of a managerial position.  

This Level 3 diploma discusses the themes of mentoring and coaching, which are often highlighted as part of effective management. It also covers communication, delegation, and motivation.  

The ten units of this diploma allow students to identify their management styles, become adept at conflict management, and the different ways of encouraging self-development in employees.

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