4 Best Animal Studies Level 3 Diplomas

A woman tending to her horse

Animal studies is a relatively new field that examines the behaviour of different animals using a range of theories. It provides exciting alternatives to people who want to work with animals without going down the typical veterinarian route.


Our animal care diplomas online pave the way for higher studies and many career options:


1. Accredited Level 3 Canine Studies Diploma

The Accredited Level 3 Canine Studies Diploma provides learners with the knowledge that they need to take better care of dogs. Canine nutrition, reproduction, and health are some of the main areas of focus. Students are also encouraged to complete the recommended reading and conduct their own research to further develop their understanding of the material.


Over ten modules, the level 3 Diploma educates students on the anatomical, physiological, and genetic aspects of canine care. It concludes with a study of canine behaviour and various canine-centric careers.


2. Accredited Level 3 Equine Psychology Diploma

Our Accredited Level 3 Equine Psychology Diploma is ideal for psychology enthusiasts and aspiring equestrians alike. It uses the basics of human psychology and expounds on the different psychological and behavioural theories that apply to horses.


Two written assignments—one in the middle of the course and one at the end—test students’ knowledge and understanding. This professional qualification is provided by Oxford Learning College and accredited by CIE Global.


Consisting of 10 units, the course starts with an introduction to human psychology and studies equine behaviour from different perspectives before wrapping up with a guide to using psychology for efficient horse training.


3. Accredited Level 3 Feline Studies Diploma

Cats are considered more difficult to understand than dogs, but the material covered in our Accredited Level 3 Feline Studies Diploma makes it easier to care for their well-being.


Beginning with a look at the history of domestic cats—and their impact on religion, culture, and folklore—this Level 3 diploma introduces students to the anatomical and physiological make-up of a cat. The course then studies feline nutrition, reproduction, healthcare, and behavioural science.


The last module explores the legal aspects of animal welfare and the rules that must be followed to prevent animal cruelty.


4. Accredited Level 3 Oceanography Diploma

The Accredited Level 3 Oceanography Diploma provides an in-depth look at oceans—and explores them from a geological and biological point of view. Their formation, evolution, and the different kinds of oceanography are also covered in the course.


Associated topics such as climate change, global warming, palaeoceanography, and biological oceanography are discussed before the course concludes with a look at careers in oceanography.

A woman studying with her dog in the background

Our animal diploma courses are recommended for students who want to pursue a career working with animals or for experienced professionals looking for a career change. You can get in touch with us to know more and discover all the courses we offer by checking out our diploma courses catalogue today.