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5 Reasons to study A Levels by Distance Learning

5 Reasons to study A Levels by Distance Learning

Perhaps you have just finished taking your GCSEs at school, and you may feel that your only option is to follow the crowd and stay on at school or go to college to study A levels. Or maybe you left school some time ago and would like to improve your qualifications. Whatever your situation, there are many good reasons to study A levels by distance learning with Oxford College, whether you are a school leaver or someone looking to return to study later in life.

1.     Greater subject choice

Studying at home with an online course means that you have access to a larger choice of subjects than might be offered at your local school or college. Your choices will not be restricted by timetable clashes, as you will be able to study any combination of subjects you wish. The A level subjects offered by Oxford Learning are written to the specifications of nationally recognised awarding bodies such as AQA, Edexcel and OCR.

2.     Home study

By choosing an open learning course you will not have to attend a school or college in order to study. This is ideal if you would also like to pursue other activities, such as work, travel or leisure, or if you have family commitments, as you can choose the particular hours you wish to study. You can also study in your own comfortable surroundings, with online tutor support to help you.

3.     Development of additional skills

Studying by distance learning instead of the conventional face-to-face route shows employers or universities that you have a strong commitment to studying, and that you are organised and self-motivated. With high levels of competition in the job market and increased demand for places at higher education establishments, these are valuable skills that might give you the edge over others.

4.     Flexibility

When taking your A levels through an Oxford College distance learning course, you will be able to choose your own examination centre and can choose where and when to study. One of the major advantages to online study is that you aren’t restricted by location. You can study anywhere that you have internet access.

5.     Value for money

Studying at home through online learning can provide good value for money. You will not incur costs for travelling to college, and if you have children then you will not have childcare costs either. You can also fit studying in around employment, which means that you will not have to give up work and face financial hardship in order to achieve your goals of gaining valuable A levels which could increase your future earning potential.