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5 Reasons to Study A Levels with Oxford Learning

Here are our top 5 Reasons to Study A Levels with Oxford Learning.


1. Accreditation

: All Oxford Learning A-Level courses follow the specifications of the leading UK exam boards: Edexcel, AQA and OCR, who have the highest standards of academic excellence.  This ensures that home learning is delivered to a recognised level of quality and that learners will be effectively tutored and fully prepared in line with the key demands of the examination that they will sit at the end of their course.

2. One to one Tutorial Service

: Online A-Level courses with Oxford Learning provide learners with the flexibility to study at home and at their own pace, away from the more rigid classroom environment. Distance learning A-Levels delivered by online tutoring allows for a constructive relationship to develop between learners and tutors, utilising the flexibility of new technology such as Internet and e-mail. This allows learners to contact their tutors as often as they require, and tutors can give extra attention to specific student queries. This level of attention is not always available in a classroom environment, and it creates an enhanced one-to-one tutorial service as part of the necessary quality support for the study of A-Levels online.

3. Expert Tutors:

Whether it’s A-Level Biology or an A-Level in English Literature Oxford Learning’s tutors are experts in their academic field, and they can provide swift, efficient and detailed feedback and guidance in the wide range of A-Level subjects available for study at home. As well as having degree qualifications in the subjects that they tutor, many tutors also have post-graduate masters degrees and PhDs. This thorough and quality-driven approach to providing learner support means that studying A-levels with Oxford Learning ensures that the highest levels of tutor subject knowledge is guaranteed to those that enrol.

4. Convenience

: With the growth of the Internet over the past 10-15 years, online A-Level courses are an increasingly popular means of providing learners with the tools and skills they need to enhance their academic qualifications and employment prospects in the modern working environment. Such online learning also allows learners to maintain employment or family commitments within busy everyday lives, while also pursuing a course of A-Level home study as a means of improving overall career prospects and employability. Oxford Learning A Levels therefore allow motivated learners to study from home and provide increased career opportunities utilising 21st century methods and technology.

5. Academic Pathway:

Studying A-Levels online with Oxford Learning instils the necessary independence, research skills and self-discipline that is required for higher levels of academic study. Many of those who enrol on these courses achieve the necessary grades to progress to a further level of study at higher education. By taking A-Levels online learners develop many vital study skills that will be required in order to succeed at university.

We hope that our top 5 reasons to study A levels with Oxford Learning list was informative, if you have any questions, you can contact the student services team on 01865 595 263.