How Fast Track is Different from Standard A Levels

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Following their GCSEs, students in the UK have the option to either opt for a standard two-year A Levels certificate or to fast-track their A Levels. Both options come with their own benefits and drawbacks. But first, let’s see how fast track A Levels differ from standard A Levels.

Standard A Levels

A standard A Levels program consists of two years or levels of courses with the first one being known as the AS Level and the second one being known as the A2 Level. They’re subject based qualifications regulated by OFQUAL and various awarding bodies such as AQA Edexcel and OCR and students can pick from A variety of subjects to specialise in and be examined  on.

Candidates give yearly assessments with certain exam components of the subject being tested in the first year and the remaining in the second year. Only by clearing all the components will they be awarded with the A Levels certificate. Students can prepare and register for exams via a college or privately with the help of online courses.

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Fast-Track A Levels

By fast-tracking their A Levels, students can complete their two-year A Level courses in just half the normal time i.e. one year. Fast-track A Levels are usually offered by means of online courses. It includes tutor study support and online study materials so that students can start studying immediately and don’t have to spend weeks waiting for college acceptances for A Levels.

Fast-track A Levels candidates usually register for the exams as a private candidate and on completion of their program, they receive a certificate from Edexcel or AQA.

This type of program is usually ideal for students who are fast learners, good at managing time and have confidence that they can complete the certificate in just a year. It helps save a whole year of studying which they can spend by taking a gap year or by going out and gaining much needed job experience. It can also save up on a year’s worth of tuition.

The process of learning never stops and if you’ve already completed your GCSEs, then why not take some A Level courses as well?

Oxford Learning College is an online study college for students in the UK. We offer distance learning online A Level courses in two forms. Students can either take the standard A Level courses and get their certificate in two years or opt for fast track A Levels online which allows them to complete two years worth of courses in just one.

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