A Guide to A Levels Course Selection

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Selecting your A-Level courses is a big decision – one you shouldn’t take lightly. The courses you pick now can impact what you do later.

With that being said, if you’re unsure about what you would like to do in the future, try making smart choices now that’ll leave you in the best position in a couple of years.

Here, we offer a small guide to selecting online A-Level courses!

Narrow down your options

If you’re potentially interested in a subject, read through the syllabi for that subject before making the final decision. Our recommendation is, check out some of the recommended secondary reading and see if the course material attracts you.

You can also reach out to your teachers and see what advice they have on offer. Remember, they’ve been through this process before, and chances are, they’ve advised many students about their potential career options. Talk to them, as well as your family and friends, who may be in a career you want to be in. Who knows, you might get a bit of life-changing advice from them?

But ultimately, trust your gut feeling. It’s your decision to make because you’ll be studying the subjects you choose. Yes, this decision-making process might seem a bit daunting, but try to enjoy this time.

Don’t forget you’re beginning a new adventure in your academic journey and getting a step closer to accomplishing your future goals.

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So, what courses should you select?

Well, it’s a pretty subjective question and one that you’ll ultimately be able to answer. However, we think that the A-Level courses you choose should consider the following things:

  1. Are they a required subject for what you want to study after you’re done with A-Levels?
  2. Do you enjoy studying them?

Your A-Levels are an integral component of your university application, with many courses having a specific group or specific subject on their entry requirement criteria. Therefore, you should do two things when selecting your A-Level courses: one, think about what career path you want to take in the future; two, go through the university prospectuses to see the general requirements of various subjects.

As mentioned before, you should always choose subjects that you enjoy studying. During GCSEs, you’ll be studying several subjects. But when you are doing your A-Levels, you’ll just be studying 3-4 subjects in detail. So, you need to enjoy them as you’ll be spending most of your time learning about them.

Best of luck!

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