A Levels For International Students

Here at Oxford Learning College, we aim to provide a platform for individuals across the world to earn A-Levels remotely and online. Whatever subject you’re hoping to study, we know that it can be daunting taking those steps.

Some are ready for it right away and will begin to develop quickly in their subject while others may not be prepared for A-Levels initially. However, this does not mean that the opportunities have gone – even if you are an international student.

Our A-Level courses for international students are perfectly suited to help those trying to find part-time work alongside their studies or those who are looking to move to the UK in the future.

We offer many diverse opportunities for you to take advantage of as an international student. We have worked with individuals looking to move abroad from the UK but still want to study through to those searching for a new career path in the UK.

Our A-Levels for international students will provide you with the best platform to reach your goals and develop your career. To learn more, look around our website today.

Browse our range of A Level courses that are suitable for international students

Our range of A Level courses offers full tutor support via a messaging service on a student’s campus account. Our professional tutors are course specific and are aware of the material that is crucial for students to absorb, for the successful completion of A Level examinations through the governing boards of the AQA and Edexcel – wherever your location worldwide.

Although you may be learning from home, this doesn’t mean you will not receive the 1-to-1 support required to help you understand and go on to obtain top level grades. We are here whenever you need us should you have any questions and our courses have been designed by leading tutors within their respective courses. Once your A levels are complete, you will be awarded with the industry recognised grades which you can then use to help you go on to secure the career or further education you want.

The process for international students to complete A Level examinations for credit in the United Kingdom with Oxford Learning is in accordance with the Edexcel board of qualifications’ regulations and standards. Edexcel offer these high standards through their “Edexcel International” service, which is split into five world regions. These regions are:

  • Europe and the Americas – contact the London office
  • South Asia and Africa – contact the Delhi (India) office
  • Middle East – contact the Muscat (Oman) office
  • ASEAN – contact the Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) office
  • China and North Asia – contact the Hong Kong office

These monitored examination standards are offered through Edexcel to students in over 100 countries throughout the world. Their headquarters are in London (England).

The Edexcel option is the only United Kingdom standard offered internationally by Oxford Learning. If a student is interested in qualifying through this board, they can obtain information on the specifics of the body’s regulations by contacting their regional office, or through the website address:


Here are three simple steps to getting the best out of our online learning opportunities:

Choose your course: We have a wide range of courses available to you that are set to boost you towards a new job or a fresh start in higher education. A-Levels, iGCSEs and a vast array of foundation degree courses and diplomas await you at Oxford Learning College.

Enrol with ease: Our simple process makes it easy to enrol onto your course. All you need to do is pay for the course and await approval before you are ready to start your adventure.

Start learning: Our online learning platform makes it easier than ever for individuals to learn when they please. The full collection of learning materials is available from the beginning to allow you more freedom than ever before.

We are proud to work with education partners across the world to provide quality home-study courses including various A levels such as:

A-Level English Literature
A Level Politics Edexcel (2017 Specification)
A Level Psychology
A Level in Mathematics (2017 Specification)

We are now offering the following AAT courses in Bookkeeping and Accounting:

We also provide useful past papers, as well as fast-track options for those who need to achieve certain qualifications quickly.

If you would like more information about the long-distance A levels for international students that we provide at Oxford Learning College, please contact us on 01865 595 263. We are here to help, and we look forward to assisting you. You can also use our website to purchase the course you want with ease.