A Revision Guide for A-Levels Distance Learning

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Getting your revision right is important to plan how you’re going to tackle your next assessment. Here’s our revision guide so you can revise your fast-track A-Level courses online effectively and efficiently.

Unless you’re dyslexic, stick to the fonts you know for your notes

If you’re dyslexic, use Comic Sans as it’s easier to read, or simply download a font that’s designed for dyslexic people. Some fonts like Times New Roman or Arial are considered the fastest fonts to read as most people are familiar with these. Remember, familiarity equals speed when it comes to fonts.

Buy a weird air freshener and chew gum

There’s nothing that can keep you more alert than a Clean Linen air freshener. Since you haven’t got nose blind to unfamiliar scents, they tend to keep you more awake – ideal for those hard, long revision sessions. Chewing gum also helps you focus – but keep this as a last resort.

Build mental associations

Learn how to make associations to improve your memory for studying. It’s one of the best ways to remember anything.

But how do to it? Just visualize your revision into scenarios. For example, if you’re learning chemistry and need to remember the chemical name of oxygen, you might think of smart phone sales people because O2 is the answer. You can also relate topics to things you enjoy, such as sports players, books, movie titles, game characters, etc. If you’re finding it difficult to remember the story of your English text, imagine your favourite fictional character or football commentator is reading it out for you.

Pomodoro, your way to an A

Are you confused? Well, it’s an incredible method if you’re not able to focus. This technique follows a basic pattern of 25 minutes of studying, followed by a break of 5 minutes. If you’re able to do this four times consecutively, you’ll have a longer break. It works because you don’t have to punish yourself with hours of revision, and you learn better in short sessions.

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Eat, sleep, revise, and repeat

No, it shouldn’t be your life, but it’s actually a decent rule to follow. When you’re revising, short study sessions, followed by some short naps, are regarded as one of the best ways to learn – and yes, taking naps helps a lot. Since the brain keeps processing information while you’re asleep, you’ll find it easier to recall a well-revised topic. But don’t fall asleep while you’re still revising a topic – this wouldn’t have the same effect!

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