About Our Distance Learning Tutors

If you are considering starting a distance learning course but are concerned about what level of support you will receive, we can assure you that our qualified and trained distance learning tutors are always on hand to answer questions from their students. Whether you are studying online A Levels, a Level 3 Diploma or a BTEC HND, you will be asssigned a tutor for the duration of your course.

Our distance learning tutors are there to answer your questions about course materials and give you guidance on your understanding of course content, but they are not there to make sure you reach any deadlines! You need to be responsible for your own study plan. Your tutors will answer questions or mark work within 7 days for most courses and if you have not heard from them within this time, please contact us so we can make sure there are no technical issues. We are always here to help! We want your distance learning experience to be as enjoyable as possible so that you can concentrate on achieve your academic goals.

The tutor department will be…

  • Able to assist with any difficulties you may have
  • Experienced in tutoring students via distance learning
  • Able to mark or review your work and provide substantial feedback and guidance

Our distance learning tutors tutors include…

  • AQA examiners and moderators
  • Edexcel and OCR examiners and moderators
  • Qualified doctors and professors
  • Qualified teachers of A Level syllabuses