Top Qualities You Need to Do an Online Adult Education Course

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On the surface of it, doing an online adult education course is totally straightforward: you enrol, you start, you study, you pass. What could be easier, right?

Dig just a little deeper into what’s required, though, and you realise that it’s not quite as simple as all that. Here are a few essential skills you’ll need to successfully navigate a path through your course…


The first thing you need to do is look in the mirror and ask yourself ‘am I cut out for this?’ Like anything else, adult learning takes a lot of commitment (in the face of all of life’s other distractions – see below). So if your heart’s not in it, for whatever reason, then you’re unlikely to see your course through to the successful conclusion you’re after.

Ability to Work Independently

Doing an adult education course online requires a high degree of independence. Of course you get full course materials, tutor support and regular assessments, and there’s plenty of material out there – from text books to online learning resources – to help you get to grips with your subject matter. But when all’s said and done it’s down to you to work your way through the material and get the qualification you need.

Organisation & Multitasking

Being organised and able to juggle countless things at once is just par for the course as an adult learner. Dropping the kids off at school while trying to listen to a podcast? Tying a trip to the gym in with a spot of revision? Coming home after a hard day at work to cook the dinner while you do your coursework? Get used to it – multitasking is the adult learning norm.


Life is full of distractions. And the weekends just weren’t made for studying. But having a steely sense of resolve and being disciplined about when you study, what you study and how you study is absolutely essential to a decent grade.


There’ll be times when, on top of everything else, studying at home can all seem a bit much. These are the times when you’ve got to dig deep, roll your sleeves up and keep your eye on the prize. You’ve signed up to a course to change your career, or get the qualification required to move up the ladder in your current company.

Ultimately, though, nothing worth having is easy. And education is absolutely no exception. The feeling of satisfaction – and sense of achievement – when you’ve completed your course is almost as good as the end grade itself.

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