Best Alternative Ways to Revise That Don’t Involve Reading

Pile of Revision Books

Revision. It can seem like your head is permanently in a book or staring at a screen. Exhausting, isn’t it? Fatigue, though, is often caused more from reading than the actual revision itself.

Here then are a few hints, tips, hacks and best alternative ways to revise that don’t involve reading.

A Novel Idea

If you’re studying English Literature (or any other course that involves having to read a novel), then have a look to see whether you can grab a DVD copy or online movie of the same title instead. Watching how the characters are played can be quite insightful, and personalities will appear before your eyes rather than you having to try and imagine their characteristics. See whether you can rope more of the family in to watch it with you and then discuss it at the end.

The Big Screen

Or perhaps there’s a big-screen production at your local cinema? A bag of popcorn and a night out makes revision so much easier, and acts as a useful memory enhancer. Even the most tedious story can be made better by some Hollywood eye candy.

Tread the Boards

Likewise, see what’s showing at the theatre. The smell of greasepaint can only add to the atmosphere – and Shakespeare’s work, particularly, is so much more memorable in the flesh.

Listen Carefully

Try an audiobook as an alternative to reading. Listen while you do something else. Relax and let the words wash over you as you nap, or stick on the headphones while you vacuum or sort out your bedroom – it’ll all go in and hopefully stay there. There’s something soothing about a narrator’s voice, too. You’ll find a good selection of audiobooks for sale online, and often even for free in your local library.

TV Night

A little bit of couch potato relaxation never hurt anyone, and there’s a wealth of documentaries out there that might be just the ticket to help you along with your revision. Have a browse through the listings and set anything that might be of use to record – you can then come back and watch them in your own time.

Big Night In

Invite your mates around for a night. If you’re all studying the same thing then try out a table discussion, bouncing ideas around. You might have missed something vital – and the interaction will bring a little light relief to your studies. Introducing an element of fun to the long, hard slog of revision is essential.

Art Attack

Do you have a local art gallery? If not, a trip to the closest city for the day and a visit to a gallery may be just the inspiration you need for your art course. Reading about art is one thing, seeing the work up close and personal is another thing entirely. It brings a different perspective to your revision.


And don’t forget to power-nap occasionally in between all types of revision. Research shows it helps enormously in consolidating your recent memories – which is what it’s all about. Keep up your water intake, ignore the party invitations and keep your spirits up. It’s all worth it in the end. Really.

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