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April Charity Project

Our Charity for April is Spanish Stray Dogs!




Spanish Stray Dogs was formed in 2010 and is a sister organisation of SSD UK,
which is a registered charity in Scotland.

They are a group of volunteers working together to help abandoned animals and to promote animal welfare.

At present SSD has around 220 abandoned dogs in their care and the monthly expenditure for food, medicine and vets bills is €4000. This is all paid for by donations and sponsorship, so they really need every single penny.

They have recently spent €18,000 on kennel extensions at Los Barrios as at one point the situation was so desperate that there were 200 dogs in kennels built for 40. Even now, the economic crisis in Spain leads to so many dogs being abandoned that there are still more dogs needing homes than capacity to house them. They’re working on adding more space, but they really need your help.

We asked SSD what it is they do, and this is what they said:

At SSD our Main Aims are:

  • To re-home abandoned cats and dogs from Los Barrios animal shelter.
  • To assist with fund-raising to keep the shelter in the hands of the voluntary sector.
  • To assist in the day to day running of the shelter
  • To promote good animal welfare.
  • To promote the importance of neutering and spaying pets

We’re also really proud of helping to send 40 ex-laboratory beagles to Los Angeles to the

You can help SSD. Just go to and like the page. That’s all you need to do! Every like donates 50p to the dogs.