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April Competition Winner

Regular readers of our blog will have seen our April Competition announced and today we are pleased to announce the winner! We had lots of entries but we decided that this one was by far the best entry. Read on to discover who our competition winner is and see her hilarious story.

April Competition winner – Nicola Kardari

April Competition Winner!

April Fools!

By Nicola Kardari

PD13-18510-CPQ – Child Psychology Level 3

I live in Zakinthos Greece and the evening of April Fools I put my son to bed and sat on the couch with my husband to watch the evening news. The news had been on quite a while; I never really take any notice of it because it’s so depressing but then the subject turned to “Apple” and I started to listen because I have an iPhone. The news readers said that a new application had come out to download onto your iPhone, iPad, etc., they said that this new application was far ahead of its time and brought not only pictures to your phone but smell as well!

They said that the app was about flowers and with a list of all the flowers in the world and whichever one you searched for brought up a picture of the flower plus you could smell the flower too. It went to a reporter outside the studio who was stopping people in the center of Athens to look at and smell his phone, he asked males and females of all different ages and a good percentage of them said that they could smell the flowers and then it was back to the studio for other news. My husband and I couldn’t believe it, how cool was this to be able to see every flower in the world and be able to smell them too! My husband rushed to get my iPhone so we could download the app as soon as possible. We spent quite a while searching for it but no matter how we worded it in the search box nothing existed.

We even Googled pictures of flowers just to see if it worked without the application, so we were sitting on the couch smelling my iphone but we couldn’t smell anything! We watched the news as usual right to the end and watched weather forecast. At the end of the weather where normally it goes to the advertisements it went back to the studio and the news readers said “How many of you have been sitting at home smelling your iPhones? It was all a hoax for the 1st of April!!! The news readers were in fits of laughter and said that it was the best joke that they had played on April fools yet. How silly did we both feel! We both looked at each other and burst out laughing. I won’t be smelling my phone in a hurry again!!