Eight of the Best Task Management Tools and Software

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Effective task management requires three things: communication, organization and time. It’s that easy. Or is it? Whether you’re a teacher, a student or running a business, organization is key. Managing tasks online and staying organized can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. But help is at hand – let’s take a closer look at this list of a few of the best task management tools and software.


Thoughtboxes (Thoughtbox.es) is a web-based organiser, so there’s nothing to download, and it’s free for the basic package. If you want to upgrade to the super package then it’s still less than £2 per month. Feel free to log on and update your lists wherever and whenever you’re online. All your to-do lists are at a glance, on one page – it’s clear and easy to use. Choose whether to make your lists private or public, collaborate and share at will.


Much more than a catchy name. Todoist (Todoist.com) does what it says on the blurb – it’s a task management list with a difference. It’s flexible and fits in around almost any lifestyle, as well as being available on practically any platform or device you care to mention. It’s also free to sign up, with a nominal cost for premium users.


A novel idea, Basecamp (Basecamp.com) is perhaps the go-to project management tool. It works by allowing users to post directly to Basecamp and then interested parties can engage in that post – eliminating messy emails and long threads of discussion. Basecamp is free for the first two months. Any downloading? Nope. It runs in the cloud on secure servers, so you don’t even have to trouble yourself with anything technical.


Possibly the perfect app to save you time, and allow you to keep your busy study schedule all in one place. Meet Timeful (Timeful.com). It’s smart too, and gathers information on the user to determine when they are most productive, based on routines and habits.


Because it’s just so easy. Dropbox (Dropbox.com) makes the top task management tools list because you can use it to share, access, save and back-up EVERYTHING. Plus it’s so accessible too. ’nuff said, really.


iOS or Android, Splashtop (Splashtop.com) actually mirrors your iPad or Chromebook to any computer screen. A simple way to access your desktop’s files whilst at the university library? Definitely.


Ah, reminders. We can’t do without them, and this free app (Wunderlist.com), for iOS or Android is a lifesaver when it comes to exams and essay deadlines. A top task manager, errand reminder and list-maker that’s a must for any student.


Finally, something that’s close to the heart of any student – money, or rather the lack of it. Your cash also needs a little management. Make yours easier to keep track of with money management iWallet (Play.google.com). You just have to tell it your expenses and income and it does the rest, coming up with a simple way to keep on top of your finances.

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