Booking A Level Examinations as a Private Candidate

Booking A Level Examinations

Booking your A Level Examinations as a Private Candidate

At first glance, booking your A Level examinations as a Private Candidate can seem a bit daunting or overwhelming for students, but rest assured the whole process is far less scary and intimidating than you might think.

The first step is to identify the examining board for your A Levels. If you are doing more than one A Level, you may have to find a centre offering more than one examining board or book two centres. For example, if you’re doing A Level Mathematics and Ancient History, you need an Edexcel centre and an OCR centre to do your examinations.

The next step is to identify if your courses require the submission of any coursework or practicals. For instance, if you’re sitting A Level Biology and A Level English Literature, you would be expected to sit practicals for Biology and submit coursework for English Literature.

Once you have identified the examining board and whether there are any additional elements aside from the written exams, you are going to need to make a note of the exam and paper codes to provide to your centre. If you’re a student with Oxford Learning College, you can gather these from your course materials or from your tutor or from Student Services.

The final step is for you to find a local examination centre to sit the exams. As a general guide, your local Secondary School or Community College are a good place to start as they often accept Private Candidates and have all the facilities needed for sitting the exams. Once you have found a centre, you will be asked to fill in a registration form and pay the needed fees to sit the exams.

If you still feel daunted by the prospect of booking your A Level exams yourself, Oxford Learning College offer a booking service for UK students. We take the stress and worry out of getting you a place to sit your exams, leaving you free to focus on getting the best grades possible.

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