Can Studying Diplomas get you onto a University Course?


The short answer to this question, is yes! Although most people think the only way into uni is with A-Levels, this is no longer the case. More and more universities now are happy to welcome students onto Degree programmes who have Diploma qualifications instead of A-Levels. With some courses and universities, you can even just do a Top-up Degree of one year to convert your Diploma qualification into a full Bachelor’s Degree.

So where do you start with Diplomas?

Put simply, when it comes to Diplomas, the higher the level of Diploma, the more difficult the level of study. So, Level 3 Diplomas are classed as entry level Diplomas which are equivalent to A-Levels. So, if you wanted to use Level 3s you would probably need a combination of a few for a university to consider your application. If you already have a Level 3 qualification, then you should be looking at higher level Diplomas, the Level 5 Diplomas for example are equivalent to a Foundation Degree or BTEC HND and so would make you eligible to progress onto a Top-Up Degree.

Why choose Diplomas instead of A-Levels?

The great thing about Diplomas are they’re flexible, coursework based and aren’t tied to set examination periods. This means that you can fit your studies in when it suits you and complete your course for when you need.

The best bit about Diplomas is the variation in topics, A-Levels are renowned for being quite a narrow selection of traditional topics such as Mathematics, History and English. But when it comes to Diplomas the sky is the limit! You can choose from Botany to Zoology and everything in-between.

Thinking of enrolling on a Diploma course?

If you have already decided that Diplomas are the way to go, then we can help. Oxford Learning College offer a range of Diplomas from Level 3 through to Level 4 and 5. Our courses are broken down into manageable units or modules. Upon successful completion, you will get a certificate to confirm your Diploma, this can then be submitted to your chosen university as part of your application study with them.

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