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Changes to How School League Tables Are Reported

King_Henry_VIII_School_Coventry_England-1Sept2012 School League Tables

As the Government’s school league tables are released this week they have decided for the first time to separate vocational and A Levels results. In the past secondary schools’ and colleges’ results for vocational and academic disciplines were reported together. This often was confusing for parents and the new system should be a much clearer reflection of how a school or college does.

A BBC report stated that this new method of reporting qualifications in England has been welcomed by teachers, parents, ministers and children.

The previous league table system meant that schools and colleges could hide behind good qualifications in either academic disciplines or vocational courses, whereas this new method aims to raise the standard of both.

So what’s changed?

This new system will help parents choose the best school for their child by providing a fairer and clearer representation of the average grades the school achieves.

Each school will get a specific grade based on the average its pupils have attained in each type of qualifications they offer, whether they’re A Levels, vocational or other academic courses.

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Image By Jez Sutton (Wikipedia Takes Coventry participant) (Uploaded from Wikipedia Takes Coventry) [CC-BY-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.