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Charities Project January 2012 Charity – Spanish Stray Dogs

In 2012 we are going to be supporting a range of charities via a campaign on our facebook page. In January we are starting with a local charity called Spanish Stray Dogs. Here’s a little bit about what they do:

“Spanish Stray Dogs is a non profit organization which tries to help the dogs that are waiting at the dog shelter in Los Barrios. We try to raise awareness to people for the advantages of castrating their pets. Our main priority is to find loving homes for the dogs at Los Barrios, we search constantly for local homes as well as sending dogs abroad to Switzerland, Finland, and Germany. We also liaise with other organizations in order to help the dogs for example Pitbull Rescue in Finland and also we were one of the organizations recently that helped the Beagle Freedom Project in Los Angeles to save 40 laboratory beagles who had been kept in cages for 6 years in a lab.  One of our organization members  travelled with 40 Beagles last month who had been rescued from a laboratory in Barcelona.   We also are constantly encouraging members of the local community to come forward as volunteers to help at the shelter on a day to day basis caring for the animals there.  As well as this we try to raise money for the animals to pay for food and medications.  Often the shelter in Los Barrios has run out of food and recently we set up local drop off points so that people can drop off food for the dogs and cats.   At the moment we are very busy trying to sell calendars to raise money for flood defences at Los Barrios as last December the river banks burst and flooded the kennels causing many of the dogs to drown overnight.

Our Main Aims:  

·         To re-home abandoned cats and dogs from Los Barrios animal shelter.
To assist with fund-raising to keep the shelter in the hands of the voluntary sector.
To assist in the day to day running of the shelter
To promote good animal welfare.
·         To promote the importance of neutering and spaying pets

How we achieve this:  

·         By publicising abandoned dogs on social media
Working closely with our partnered organisations by publicising dogs by all means possible overseas and locally.
By running media and Facebook campaigns to raise funds
Recruiting volunteers
Funding & purchasing items required for the shelter.
Escorting dogs to/from vets, airports, other shelters, foster homes.
By negotiating special rates with local vets regarding neutering.
Giving advice to potential owners or existing owners regarding pet welfare.
·         Carrying out home checks on potential adopters and foster parents.

Although Spanish Stray Dogs currently does not have a dedicated website we find that Facebook works extremely well for us. Our page is:  

At Oxford Learning we are pleased to promote the work of Spanish Stray Dogs and we would like to donate €1000 to them. We will do this when we have reached 1000 likes on our facebook page. We asked them what it would mean to receive a donation of €1000 and what they would spend it on:

A donation of this size would be a fantastic help. We are wanting to spend the 1000€ on food, we will try and source a wholesaler to get a good deal. This food should give us a good supply for about 4-5 months, currently we run out every 3-4 weeks and it leaves us always in a stressful situation wondering where the next donation is going to come from

How you can help:

You can help by liking our facebook page and by asking others to like our facebook page as well. This will mean that as soon as 1000 likes are reached, we will be able to donate to them and further support their work.

We will be running the same type of campaign with other local charities throughout 2012 and we invite you to help us by spreading the word. Here’s the link to our Facebook page if you haven’t already liked it: