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Charities Project April – Afghan Heroes

Our chosen charity for April is UK based charity Afghan Heroes. The charity works hard to support British soldiers in a wide variety of ways from the front line, for families at home and for returning soldiers. They regularly run a vast range of fundrasing events from mountain treks to sky dives.

Here is a bit more about their mission:


To support all our service personnel operating in theatre in Afghanistan. To provide the much needed “home comfort supplies and gifts to those service personnel. To promote and embrace a new initiative “Thank The Troops” to ensure our soldiers know they are not alone.


To provide a National network of Holiday Homes, whereby families of the fallen and injured service personnel can relax within a friendly and safe environment. Create support groups throughout the UK for the families of the fallen and those families who are coping with the traumas of severe life changing injuries. The second phase of our mission is to help those who have returned from Theatre, these boys and girls have been emotionally and physically affected through their experiences on active tour, Afghan Heroes will help them to rebuild their lives and careers by:


With the intention of extending emotional and psychological help through the provision of support groups for all returning personnel and their families. Through the creation of a post services facility for utilisation by personnel who have been medically discharged from the Armed Forces. The facility will become a base from which they can begin to rebuild their lives and be encouraged to participate in a re- training programme with the ultimate aim of seeing them back into full time employment.

You can view more details via their website here:

How you can help: Go to our facebook page and click “like” and then share it with your friends. The charity will receive a donation based on the number of likes they receive within the month of March. Help us to help them by liking our facebook page today:

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