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Charities Project July – Cudeca Cancer Care

Our chosen charity for July is CUDECA. They are a cancer care organisation based on the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain. They are supported by the Fundación de Lagrimas y Favores (Foundation of Tears and Favors) which was set up and inaugurated by Antonio Banderas in March 2010. Here’s more about them:

Cudeca is an acronym of Cuidados del Cancer (Cancer Care) and its logo represents a human figure extending its arms offering help – with the motto being “a special kind of caring…”.

The current care programmes offered by Cudeca are completely free of charge to patients and their families. Cudeca’s care programmes are characterised by their flexibility and adaptation to the priorities as they arise, in order to satisfy the problems of the patients with assessment and palliative care in their homes; receiving treatment as outpatients; receiving rehabilitation in the day-centre or as residents in the Hospice.

You can view more details on their website here:

How you can help: Go to our facebook page and click “like” and then share it with your friends. The charity will receive a donation based on the number of likes they receive within the month of June. Help us to help them by liking our facebook page today:

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