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Charities Project June – PAD Animal Shelter

Our chosen charity for June is PAD (Protección de Animales Domésticos) a small organisation in Spain that aims to re-home cats and dogs in the Mijas area of the Costa del Sol. Here is more about them:

The Kennels and Cattery PAD was founded in 1996 with the objective of sheltering and then finding new homes for abandoned dogs and cats. In 2 years sufficient funds had been raised to build a shelter on rented land. The shelter had space for 12 dogs and 10 cats.

In the first two years nearly 500 animals were adopted but the shelter was now housing many more animals than it was designed for. Early in 2001, a piece of land with a partly built house next to the shelter became available and PAD bought it with the generous help of Sally F.

The next 12 months were spent clearing the land and finishing the building which used up our remaining funds. Then along came a second fairy godmother, Carmen de Vigny, who offered the funds to build a new cat shelter. Carmen officially opened the new shelter on the 1st September, 2002. We are now housing over 200 feline guests!

To help us house more dogs ready for adoption, we built 5 new kennels and these were officially opened on Sunday, August 3rd 2003, by Betty Lawrence, one of the founder members of PAD. Despite the heat, the turnout was excellent and at least one dog was adopted from the new kennels! The money for the new kennels was raised by the energy of our volunteer fund raisers and built with the energy of volunteers. So congratulations to everyone concerned – yet more dogs and cats will find the kind owners that they deserve.

You can view more details via their website here:

How you can help: Go to our facebook page and click “like” and then share it with your friends. The charity will receive a donation based on the number of likes they receive within the month of June. Help us to help them by liking our facebook page today:

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