Chemistry A-Level Revision – Practicals and Experiments

There’s a host of information to help you with your A-Level Chemistry revision online. Using search engines and YouTube videos will help you to find examples to strengthen any topic you do not understand clearly.

Both search engines and YouTube give examples to reinforce any topic. You can also find extra examples to broaden learning or do additional calculations.

Know Your Chemistry Course Number

Remember, the exact course number you are studying and the board, e.g. type in AQA Chemistry and the number of the course you are studying. Otherwise, you will get information that might not be relevant or too high/low a level to what you require. The examples listed below are not restrictive, find what suits you best.

Check out our list of Chemistry A-Level courses below:

Using YouTube for A-Level Chemistry Revision

Experiment with YouTube, it has people giving lessons on every topic in Chemistry and exact information on very specific topics. There are a whole host of creators who have videos on Chemistry practical experiments and revision.

Some might be a little too academic and if so just find another person on the same topic whose style you can follow or fast forward any bits that are not useful. There are people who demonstrate experimental work, calculations and deliver revision or actual lessons on every topic in AQA Chemistry. You can also find past examination papers and the answers.

Getting Started With Chemistry Practical Revision

Take a look at the video playlist below to see some of the common practical chemistry topics:

Safety in A-Level Chemistry Practicals

Next, let’s look at the safety element for running practical experiments. Chemistry exam papers often ask questions related to safety issues, so for example wear safety glasses/ goggles when using solutions, especially any hazardous materials, if in doubt wear safety glasses/ goggles.

You should be aware of any potential hazards associated with different chemicals and practical procedures. You’ll also need to know how to reduce the risk of accidents during your practical chemistry work.

Acids and Bases

The video below gives you an introduction to acids and bases from the Chem 4 AQA syllabus.

Transition Metals

This video discusses transition metals from Chemistry Unit 5 including complex formations, and catalytic activity.


The video below discusses the topic of periodicity, within the Chem 1 Unit of the AQA AS syllabus.

Practical Experience

These examples help you to understand the Chemistry of a topic and the presenters often offer advice from their own practical experience. Don’t forget if you can get hands-on experience with A-Level Chemistry practicals, this is the best way to learn.

However, you can search for videos and practical demonstrations on YouTube. Then start to look at particular topics:

Mass Spectrometry

Fundamental Particles, Protons, Neurons and Electrons

AQA Chemistry Revision Bonding

Then look at particular examples of the examination paper and for specific practical demonstrations, such as – Kinetics – how concentration affects rates of reaction:

Titrations – working out the solution concentration:

As you click on one Chemistry revision video you will be recommended lots of other videos to watch, please experiment and find those that are best suited to you in terms of learning and style.

A-Level Chemistry Practical Past Papers

A great way to improve your A-Level Chemistry revision str is to use past exam papers to understand the kind of questions you might be asked in your practical exam. These, alongside Chemistry revision videos, can help you become more familiar with A-Level Chemistry experiments.

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