Choosing not to go to University

Not going to University

Choosing not to go to University

OK, so you have done your A-Levels and you’ve got your results, but now what do you do next? Your instant answer to this question might be university, but if you didn’t get the grades you needed or you can’t find a course you like the idea of studying through clearing, you might feel a little bit stuck.

In previous years, people have viewed not going to university as either a failure or missed opportunity, but that opinion is rapidly changing (and rightly so). There is a vast range of alternate qualifications out there that you can study and attain to help boost your career, from Professional Diplomas through to Accredited Diplomas and Apprenticeships there are other options out there. What’s more the alternative options tend to be more affordable, fit better with modern lifestyles and offer people the chance to get into a career they really enjoy.

There are countless people out there who didn’t take the traditional route of university, these people include Richard Branson, Jeremy Clarkson and Sir Alan Sugar, all of whom now have successful careers loving what they do. So perhaps now, choosing not to go to university may not be such a bad idea!


Where to Start?

The first thing to do, is try and figure out where you want to be, or where you see yourself in a few years’ time. When you have decided on this (or at least an industry or sector), you can begin to look at the options you have open to you.

More often than not, one of the biggest reasons people fail to gain a qualification, isn’t down to their lack of ability or commitment, but down to the learning method for the qualification not suiting their learning type.

Learning types can be loosely grouped into four main categories, Activist, Reflector, Theorist or Pragmatist. Each of these types approach learning in different ways and suit different course types.

Not sure what your learning type is? Why not do our fun quiz to try and determine it here.


Need more Help or Advice?

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