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Five of the Best Last-minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Students

christmas bookmark lamp idea

Christmas is upon us. So from the latest cool new tech and extravagant gadget presents to other handy (and slightly less handy) bits and bobs, we’ve rounded up a few of the best last-minute gift ideas for students.

Book Rest Lamp

When you’re up all night studying or completing an assignment, the last thing you want to do is lose your place in your book. Thankfully with this clever two-in-one device, such an annoyance is a thing of the past. First and foremost it’s a lamp, but it also doubles up as a bookmark – you just have to plonk your book on top at the desired page. Now all you’ve got to do is read the things…

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Connector Pen

We’ve all been there – you’re charging about trying to fit your studies in around everything else you’ve got going on. You sit down to try to get some studying done only to realise that… you’ve left all your work on another computer elsewhere. Which is where the Connector Pen comes in: it’s a micro USB (with extendable cable) and 8 pin charging adaptor neatly contained within an old-fashioned, fits-in-your-pocket pen. Convenient.

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Kindle Voyage

If dead tree reading just isn’t your thing at all anymore, then the new Kindle Voyage might be worth popping on your Christmas gift list. Amazon’s new, super-charged e-reader comes with super high-definition screen, while the page-turning experience is slicker than ever. It’s not cheap, but it certainly is pretty nifty.

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HABU Playlist Generator

Everyone has their own thoughts on the best music to study to, but this app takes the pain out of racking up revision playlists by grouping all your music up by mood for you. So all you have to do is set to ‘study’ and let the HABU do the rest.

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Hexbug Aquabot

Every student needs a bit of downtime occasionally to break up the hours of hard work. And the Hexbug Aquabot certainly provides that. What is it? A translucent robotic shark or clownfish, you just drop them into a bowl of water (much as you would a normal goldfish) and watch them circle the bowl. What’s the use of that, you might ask? Well, it beats staring into space when your brain just can’t take any more.

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Got all your Christmas shopping done? Then have a very happy Christmas from everyone at Oxford Learning College!