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Best Last-minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Students

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Christmas as a kid is the best. You know exactly what Christmas presents you want and you usually end up getting them. Your life feels infinitely enhanced as a result, and your relatives barely had to lift a finger to make it happen.

When you grow up to be a busy student though, things aren’t quite so simple as they used to be. Suddenly, other than your main present from either your partners or parents, you really have no idea of what else you’d like from worried friends or members of your extended family. “Anything that makes my life less stressful and more organised” sounds about right, right?

Well you’re in the right place. Whether you’re Christmas shopping for a student or unsure of what to put on your own Christmas gift list, finding the right idea at the right price is never straightforward – and never more so than with just a few days to go.

What you need is a little last-minute ‘Christmas present inspiration’, so we’ve gone to the trouble of picking out several of the best Christmas gift ideas for students, just to make your life – and aunty Linda’s life – that little bit easier.

Useful Gift Ideas

1. Key Finder

It’s amazing where we’ll frantically look in desperation to find our missing keys before we leave the house. The sofa, the biscuit tin or even the fridge are all investigated thoroughly before concluding that they have ‘just vanished’ and it couldn’t possibly be your fault. But those times will be a thing of the past if you get one of these student must-have key finders.

All you have to do is whistle and the key finder will beep noisily and flash like mad so you can home in on them in a matter of seconds! Just make sure you don’t lose or forget to attach the fob that goes with your keys…

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2. Wireless Printer

Printing essays and typing up draft after draft is, annoyingly, a wholly necessary part of student life, but a wireless printer connected to your laptop or phone at home can make your life much easier. With more and more educational institutions introducing digital-only submission procedures, the price of wireless printers has dropped favourably in recent years too. So this Christmas, you could grab yourself a printer capable of wireless printing, scanning, photocopying and sending documents for a bargain.

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3. Livescribe Pen + Evernote Subscription

From dead cheap via mid-range to top dollar, the Livescribe pen is an expensive but incredible product that will revolutionise your student life. Basically, it enables you to take and digitally back up notes as you make them in lectures, so long as you use a tablet and appropriate app such as Evernote at the same time. Using this combination, you can even record audio as well as sync notes to multiple devices.

Alternatively, you could ask for an Evernote Moleskin Notebook. This is a cheaper option since the technology requires you to take photos of your notes (written with a normal pen), which are then intelligently synced to your devices, giving your raw notes a digital life. The premium app which comes with the notebook recognises your handwriting.

Where can I get it?

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Evernote Moleskin Notebook (

Creative Gift Ideas

1. Laser Keyboard

Yep, it exists. Just find a flat surface (preferably white), a Bluetooth compatible device, switch the thing on and hey presto, you’ve got yourself an amazing laser keyboard. This is a great gift for people who don’t like touchscreen technology on tablets but do enjoy the lightness and mobility of them. It’s bargain as well at £31.99!

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2. A home-made photo montage

It’s probably something you could do yourself, if only you had the time, but if a creative friend or family member is likely to make you something this year or if you’re looking for some Christmas gift inspiration, consider suggesting/making a beautiful photo montage. All you need to do is download photos from Facebook, buy a large, possibly personalised frame and go to work. You could even ‘blow up’ some of the best photos and build the montage around them and throw in some fairy lights to brighten it up. This is a gift guaranteed to make people smile, and best of all, it’s a cheap and cheerful one.

Where can I get it? You make it!

3. A Printing Kit

We’ve had the wireless printer, now here’s the Lumi Photo printing kit which enables t-shirt lovers to print their own t-shirts and textiles using the power of THE SUN! So in theory, you could start buying plain coloured t-shirts at a fraction of the price you’d normally pay and then choose an image, something you’ve either drawn yourself or downloaded, and hit print! Then you can rest assured that you’ll never bump into anyone wearing the same t-shirt as you ever again. How cool is that?

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Funky Gift Ideas

1. USB Mug Warmer

Picking out flaws in Britain’s most loved beverage, the feted cup of tea, is not so easy. If we were being pedantic, though, it does perhaps get cold too quickly (and that really is clutching at straws). But the USB mug warmer is here to change all that. Early starts and all-nighters could become marginally more convenient with this product in your life, and tea (or your hot beverage of choice) will last even longer. It’s more of a stocking filler for fun – nonetheless, it’s a very handy small Christmas gift.

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2. Scribble Writing Alarm Clock

We all hate alarm clocks. All they ever do is rudely wake us from blissful slumber. But this one at least goes out of its way to help you make an organised start to your day. The Scribble Writing Alarm Clock, complete with a ‘scribbler’ pen, lets you scribble down all your thoughts, ideas and things to do before you float off to the land of nod and promptly reminds you the next morning in a cool blue hue. No need to lie awake stressing about all the things you must remember to do the next day; this neat bedside buddy will do the work for you.

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3. Wireless Car Mouse

In keeping with the wireless theme then, turn your attention now to the wireless car mouse. But this isn’t just any wireless car mouse; this is the James Bond wireless car mouse. It may not fire torpedoes or switch to stealth mode but it does do what you need it to do, i.e. click stuff, and looks damn cool in the shape of an Aston Martin DBS. Officially licensed by the car maker, it comes in at a pricey £35, but it’s the James Bond car mouse – the coolest Christmas present ever – and that’s surely reason enough?

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If you’re bound to a strict Christmas shopping budget this year, check out our suggestions in our post on Christmas shopping on a student budget.