Completing A level Coursework by Distance Learning

It is undoubtedly the future that all A levels will have science and practical skills and knowledge embedded within core content, particularly with the growth of eLearning and remote learning.

However it still remains a fact that some A levels require coursework elements to be completed and many distance learners can become very anxious about this, feeling worried and concerned that they cannot meet the requirements of the coursework units, or that they will not have the skills to carry out a practical element. Students in a traditional learning environment have the same concerns!

The first reassuring point to make is that if an A level is presented by Oxford College then you can be confident that all aspects of the specification can be covered by distance learners, and has been successfully presented and completed by many students over a number of years.

However, distance learners may need to be quite inventive and prepared to go the extra mile to complete coursework elements as these would usually be completed within a school or college as part of the normal term’s activities. This will also require determination and motivation not to skip course content or to omit recommended self- study activities which are designed to promote practical knowledge and understanding.  This will ensure that you have the best chance of achieving your aims and objectives.

Oxford College’s course materials have been written specifically for distance learning and therefore take account of limited access to resources and equipment that may be required in traditional learning contexts.

The most important issue for distance learners who have to complete coursework elements is that they make sure that they understand the process of authentication, marking and submission. Dates for coursework submission are usually before the written components and this needs to be established from the outset. Your tutor will usually explain the processes right at the beginning of your course, and although completion of your coursework may be a long way off, making sure you have key dates and tasks identified and written in your diary will prevent anxiety and coursework being submitted late.

Completion of course assignments will also help students with theoretical understanding of science and practical skills and applications, and throughout all Oxford College’s A level course material which have associated  practical coursework elements there are simple studies which all students can replicate at home using what is available to you.

Therefore the mystery and myth surrounding coursework elements should not discourage you from undertaking a course which has these components incorporated within its structure. Your Oxford College tutor will give you guidance and support and provide you with examples of coursework so that you can actually see what is expected of you.