Completing A Level Coursework when Learning Online

A Level Coursework

When it comes to A-Level courses such as A Level English Literature or A Level History, there is a need for students to complete coursework for submission to the Awarding Body, this coursework is compulsory and often referred to as Non Examinable Assessment (NEA).

Obviously with studying online, the process for completing your coursework will be different to the process you would do if you were attending a school or college, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for you to do.


How do I complete the coursework?

Once enrolled with our college, you will need to work your way through the provided course materials. You’ll notice at the end of each unit of study there is a set assessment, you need to complete these and then progress on through the materials.

As you get to the end of the materials, you will be prompted to begin on your coursework element. Simply follow the coursework outline instructions and put together your coursework. If you are unsure about how to begin, ask your personal tutor for help and they will gladly assist you.

When it’s all done and you’re happy, you need to get it to your tutor for them to have a look over your efforts and give you feedback. To do this, you need to upload the work through our online Campus.


Submitting work for Authentication and/or Marking

First things first, you need to check with your chosen examination centre whether they need your tutor to just authenticate your work or authenticate and mark your work.

What’s the difference we hear you ask? Well, one is simply your tutor confirming that the work you have submitted is your own and written in the same way and style as other work you have done. And the other, authenticating and marking is where the tutor will confirm the work and give a grade for the work you have done.

Once you know what your tutor needs to do, you need to get the coursework to the college. Having made the changes advised by your tutor, you need to print a copy of the coursework. Once you have it printed and ready to post, you will need to ensure you complete and include an authentication sheet, this can be downloaded from the Awarding Body website, or requested from Student Services.


What Happens when the College gets the Coursework?

Once we have your coursework and authentication sheet, we will send this on to your tutor. They will then carry out actions needed according to your request and send the coursework to your examination centre ready for them to submit to the Awarding Body with your written papers.

Then all you need to do is the written papers and wait for Results Day!