Coronavirus and Studying


I don’t think there is a single person on this planet who doesn’t know about Coronavirus and the way it’s spreading through the world right now! It’s safe to say it’s impossible to get through a day without hearing more on Coronavirus and for people who are studying this could prove to be very worrying, especially when studying courses that have examinations coming up in May or June like A-Levels or iGCSEs.

The first thing to remember is you’re not alone, there are lots of students or potential students who are going to be in the same boat as you with the same worries. All Awarding Bodies and examination centres will be quickly putting in place contingency plans to help everyone affected by the situation to try and ensure that things can keep going as best as possible.

Where possible, now is the time to start turning your focus to online learning, the internet is a vast and rewarding resource for students, whether it’s further information and tutorials you need or online courses that you can enrol onto to stem the gap between your physical classes and lessons you will find it all on the internet with a simple Google search.

The flexibility of changing to online courses when you are studying A-Levels or iGCSEs is invaluable. Due to the syllabus needing to be the same for all students, it’s possible for a student from any college or school to swap onto an online course and still be able to study and revise ready for their examinations. Depending on the course you opt to enrol onto, you can even benefit from online tutor support where you will have an Academic Expert there to answer your questions and mark your work as and when you need. They can even provide you with predicted grades and academic references once you have completed enough work on the course, meaning that if you’re trying to apply to university, you can still do this, even when you’re staying at home to study.

So what are you waiting for? If you are worried about your studies being affected by Coronavirus, then get in touch with our friendly team and discuss your options with them. Our Student Services team are available by phone one 01865 693440 or email